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About Dr. Linda Kim

I'm a Harvard trained psychiatrist, with nearly 20 years of training and clinical experience, specializing in women’s mental health and coaching.  I'm also a mom of three daughters, one of three sisters, and passionate about supporting women and their families.

I've worked in some of the best academic institutions, large healthcare organizations, and group practices throughout my career, and I even built my own that I love. 

Why did I create this?


It's very difficult accessing trusted, quality guidance on mental health that's informative, practical and fun at the same time.  It's especially difficult finding parenting guidance with an emotional health focus.


I found that similar themes came up time and time again in my 1:1 sessions  So many of my patients had such similar challenges, and my patients and I learned so much from each other. If only I could share these learnings with others!


I realized that in addition to working one on one with my patients, I would love to share all of my learnings with my larger community, all of you!  And what better way than through digital education and social media?

So I decided to build LuvLuk


This company is founded on a simple premise: Clear, accessible, and trusted evidence-based mental health education and parenting support for women and their families.

I’m sharing all of my tips and learnings as a practicing psychiatrist, executive coach, and mom, with you!  I’m engaging a team of therapists to help me compile the best learnings to share with you.  From cognitive behavioral techniques to nutritional psychiatry to parenting strategies, I want to empower you with clear, helpful tools and skills that you can start using now.

So let’s begin!

UNDERGAD: Dr. Kim graduated from the University of Chicago, with honors.  After conducting eating disorder research at  Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, she received her Doctor of Medicine from Tufts University School of Medicine.  

RESIDENCY: Dr. Kim then went on to complete her adult psychiatry residency at Harvard Medical School affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)/McLean program, and conducted depression research with the Depression Clinical and Research Program.

CAREER: After completing residency, Dr. Kim joined a large health care organization, Kaiser Permanente, and began serving thousands of patients and their families. She became Chief of Psychiatry and then became Regional Director and Chair of Chiefs of Mental Health and Chemical Dependency for the entire Northern California region, overseeing a patient population of over 4 million members.

HER OWN PRACTICE: In 2020, Dr. Kim built her own group practice, Moon Mental Health, focusing on Women’s Mental Health.  She completed additional specialized training in Perinatal Mental Health and additional coursework through the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. 

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